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AMS Energy Technologies, Inc. is introducing transformative technologies that are disrupting the manner in which the traditional gas station is developed, operated, and the way fuel is dispensed.

Our patented technology significantly minimizes the costs associated with fueling vehicles as well as the financial risk of operating a gas station.


AMS stands out with our two key offerings, the PAGS and C-PAGS.

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Redefining The Way You Fuel

At AMS Energy Technologies, our mission is to revolutionize the retail fueling industry through innovative and sustainable solutions. Committed to environmental stewardship and operational efficiency, we aim to redefine the traditional gas station model with our Portable Aboveground Fueling Stations (PAGS). Our goal is to provide cost-effective, safe, and eco-friendly fueling options, empowering communities. We strive to be a catalyst for positive change, driving industry transformation while fostering loyalty and value in every fueling experience.

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Our Team


The Latest with AMS Energy

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